Few aspects of a wedding are as important as the photography.  A wedding may be the first time you consider making an investment in photography services.  Weddings photographed by Luminous are documented by two equally experienced, talented, and exceptionally creative photographers.  We can quite literally be in two places at once, ensuring no special moments are missed.  

In order to maintain an exceptional level of service, Luminous limits the number of weddings we accept each year. We are adamant about providing high quality products and equally focused time for each couple.  

Our editing process ensures that each image is checked for correct exposure, has a consistent and timeless style, conveys emotion, and is free from background distractions. Not to mention making the both of you look great without looking plastic.

A typical wedding will usually take us 60-80 hours in editing alone.  

There are no hidden fees In our pricing, including the editing of images. Other photographers will sometimes leave important items out of the package only to "upsell" you later.  We have seen photo editing provided only as an additional cost. With Luminous, each image we deliver is a reflection of us and the Luminous brand.  This is why we put so much effort into our finished images, without charging extra. 

We include a tangible way to archive your images.  Isn't that key?  It can sometimes be an additional cost in the industry to get your hands on the thumb drive or DVD of high-resolution images.  And although we highly recommend ordering your prints from our trusted printing lab, we want you to have the ability to take your images and use them as you please for years to come.  

While a great photographer can take incredible photos with just about anything, having the best tools can only push the potential of the images.  We shoot exclusively with professional-grade Nikon equipment.  This includes full-frame cameras, prime lenses, professional zooms, and lighting equipment.  

In order to stay on top of our game, we travel across the country each Fall to learn and practice alongside the industries top professionals.  In addition we are constantly taking workshops and classes throughout the year.  This is costly.  Last year alone we spent $3500 in continuing education.  

Although operation costs are high, being a photographer is as rewarding as it is expensive. 

- We get taxed.

- We must maintain equipment and liability insurance

- We invest in top-of-the-line Nikon gear and purchase new "toys" each year.  

- We market ourselves and pay associated material costs

- We invest in web design and professional memberships.

Oh yeah, and we buy lots of coffee to keep everyone happy at consults:-).

you get the idea.

We realize that we are not the right fit for everyone.  Every wedding, no matter the photographer, budget, or location, is a huge part of your love story.  Enjoy your day, try to relax, and remember that you are so blessed to be marrying your best friend.  

Ready to book Luminous?  A signed contract and deposit of $900 guarantees our services on your date.  

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